Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Advanced Technology of Sharepoint Consulting

Information Technology industry is always in demand and need of skilled and experience people in different stream. We see lot of people in information technology industry specialized in something or the other like java, SQL, people soft, SAP, Database etc. Sharepoint is not a program it’s a platform in which all other products and services are inter-linked with each other for smooth functioning of the business. Sharepoint Consulting team provides all the services and explains all the benefits of using a sharepoint for an organization. Sharepoint consulting team also helps an organization as to how to increase their production and services.

Example:  In a large organization we have different departments to carry business like finance department for accounting purpose, sales department, production department, administrative department, technical department. These are all different departments whose work are specialized only in that particular area however sometimes finance team has to send daily sales reports to sales department, we have a network server which allows you to connect and share information in single platform with the help of Sharepoint.

Below are the duties or features of the Sharepoint Consulting team:

This platform allows you to keep all the information or files in one single place rather than in the local desktop or in an individuals mailbox. This allows us to get the information in a much lesser time and increases the unity within the team in sharing information on the server.

This portal is designed with powerful search tools which allow us to search information within a stipulated time from all relevant locations in one go and collaborate it and increase deficiency. It also helps to solve decentralization problem in the organization.

All the information stored in the server can be segregated based on the importance of the data. All the secure information can have restricted access to only top management people of the organization. Content management helps us to restrict the company information in the server.

This tool helps us to integrate with Microsoft office. Sharepoint works with existing Microsoft office applications like excel, powerpoint, word etc. with seamless integration and easy views of the data or information.

We do not need any technical people to manage this server, all we need to do is creating websites and managing the content on the server which gives scope to non technical people for more jobs and opportunities in this field.

The consulting team provides you 2 types of sharepoint, the first one is the sharepoint foundation which is the foundation of the basic framework of the server we have and we can get this for free. Any organization which is planning to opt for this portal can first go for the foundation and test in the organization. The second type is the sharepoint server which is the paid version of the portal and mostly suitable for large organizations.

Before installing this portal in any computer few things we need to keep in mind like RAM, GB, hard disk size and Bit of the computer along with windows server 2008 and version of IIS.

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