Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sharepoint Consulting: Ensuring a solution development team.

As a part of the SharePoint Consulting team, working with clients each day is a new learning experience. While some have relatively simple expectations for reporting and intranet portals, some requirements are such that they push the limit of my thinking to the brim. Having worked for over two years as a consultant, I have realized that the need to think creatively to develop solutions. This has two-fold advantage:
  • The solution developed or idea generated is more creative and cost effective
  • Not all implementations and solution developed are the same for different clients
Many companies have needs that are not accommodated through standard system, software or the solution and requirement is felt for something more creative and need to wear the thinking hat. This enables and ensures that we as a solution development team deliver:
  • Solution that not only meets and fulfills business requirements but also reduces costs for the company
  • Reduction in effort for the employees
  • Smarter use of time when it comes to stakeholders, suppliers, customers or end users need for any kind of information, data, file, reports, updates and need to connect
  • Smarter intranet and internet portal interface and links to ensure single interface connectivity for all people who deal with business
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