Thursday, January 24, 2013

Microsoft Sharepoint: Solution software packed into one

Having started my IT career with a small solution provider, I had never thought that I would work for bigger software implementations and solution development. I started working focusing clearly to understand the need of companies, businesses and enterprises and set out to provide them a software or online solution that would serve their needs and requirements. I started working as a Sharepoint Consultant with Microsoft and their SharePoint software solution is a favorite for me. The business dynamics today almost mandate that each company or business working with tons of presentations, documents, reports with networking and need to connect have the software implemented for their business processes.

SharePoint consulting process

Microsoft SharePoint allows for a whole lot of solutions packed into one that can be customized for any business. It allows a business to have:

  • Its own web interface and design for a page, its layout
  • Develop intranet, extranet and web pages
  • Have online content management solutions
  • Enable document management with limited or requisite access
  • Develop networking or social networking websites for business and professional networking

With a whole range of solution that this one software brings to business, it has become a preferred solution for online business needs and document management needs.

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