Saturday, February 2, 2013

Each Day a New Experience With Sharepoint Consulting

As a part of a team of SharePoint Consulting, each day is a new experience and learning comes my way. Working with a recent client on a complex problem, I realized that consulting experience could also add value to business and its processes, systems and cycles. This client had very specific report that had to be updated real time and data was coming from different applications. As chance would have it, we discovered that in actual all this data could be fetched from an already existing report table that was available. Sharing this information with user got us the most incredible response in all my years of working as a part of SharePoint consulting team!

Sharepoint consulting team

The business had long forgotten that the report had been standardized for one of its need, no one was aware, and they gaped at the meeting when we proposed the simplified solution. Business owners said it was a discovery and since it saved them countless hour’s payment and unnecessary labor hours, they were grateful that we helped them discover a little treasure. With the report ready to be used from SharePoint the user was able to get they want and we were happy to delight a customer.

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